Has your family been affected by cancer?

Could you use some... FREE BABYSITTING!

Helping Hand Babysitting is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that works to alleviate families on Long Island who have been affected by cancer by providing free childcare.

  • Responsible, compassionate high school student volunteers

  • Most babysitters are CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

  • Flexible service- Play with children, watch children during appointments, homework help, pack lunches, do laundry!


How it works:


Step 1: Email helpinghandbabysitting@hotmail.com or call to talk with Adriana (please leave your name and number if you reach the voicemail! All calls will be returned within a day).


Step 2: Once family information is recieved, Adriana will find four Helping Hand Babysitting volunteers who live in a similar location. At least two of the girls will be certified in CPR/AED/First Aid and all will be trained in CPR/AED/First Aid. Two girls will babysit at a time, but four girls will be avaliable for maximum flexibility.


Step 3: The first meeting with the babysitters will be informational, to see the house, discuss the girls' responsibilities, decide on how many days and what hours, etc. This is very important, as it makes sure that everyone is comfortable in that situation


Step 4: The next meeting is for babysitting! Create a schedule that works best for all involved, and if an agreement cannot be reached, please contact Adriana who can find other babysitters.



Email helpinghandbabysitting@hotmail.com

 with any questions, more information, or to

get started today!