Helping Hand's New Leaders for 2019-2020!

Although we will miss running Helping Hand Babysitting, we know that these ladies will do an amazing job. We can't wait to see their progress!

Adriana Schumacher, President of Babysitting

Anne Sorrentino, President of Outreach

March 2019

In honor of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Prom, the Helping Hand Babysitters started a drive to collect old dresses, suits, and accessories. A total of 38 dresses were donated and 56 total items were given to the cause. 

December 2018

To close out 2018, the Helping Hand Babysitters would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! They did this by making cards for children in a local hospital. Over a hundred cards were made and delivered in time for the holidays!

IMG 9649 3

November 2, 2018

The Helping Hand Babysitters went to the Lung Cancer walk. They told people about Helping Hand and helped out with the walk too!

IMG 9404 2


October 17 and 24, 2018

Helping Hand Babysitting hosted a free CPR class for its members. With the help of Jericho Fire Department's fire chief, Bruce Friedman, the girls were able to become certified in CPR/AED, for adults, children, and infants!


June 10, 2018

The new presidents of Helping Hand Babysitting went to SunriseWALKS to find new families for the 2018-2019 school year! They also gave out stickers, temporary tattoos, and colored in bookmarks with the kids. It was such an honor to be a part of SunriseWALKS and they hope to be back next year!


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Helping Hand's New Leaders for 2018-2019!

The next year is going to be amazing with these ladies as the leaders! We cannot wait to see what they will do!

Cynthia Billovits, President

Alexis Cirenza, Media & Outreach

Ashlyn McMorrow, Media & Outreach

 IMG 8504



Helping Hand's New Leaders for 2017-2018!

We are so excited to announce the new leaders for next year. These ladies have been so involved in the club and passionate about the Helping Hand mission. We are thrilled to see how Helping Hand will grow under this new leadership.

Alexis Cleri, President

Lauren Shank, Media & Outreach

Alice Russo, Media & Outreach



Helping Hand's New Leaders for 2016-2017!

Congratulations to the following ladies who have earned the honor of leading Helping Hand for the year to come!

Lauren Cowden, President

Vanessa Pham, Media & Advertising

Alexa Edwards, Outreach

Lauren, Vanessa, and Alexa have worked tirelessly in executing Helping Hand's mission since they first joined, and we could not be more excited and confident to offer them this platform to grow Helping Hand further!


Vanessa, Lauren, and Alexa (left to right)


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Special thanks to those interviewed: Katie Gallardo, Alessia Stacconi, and Lauren Cowden; Special thanks to writer: Betsy Abraham